Industrial Engineering

GM has a strong industrial engineering department committed to implementing the latest lean manufacturing practices. The team is responsible for overall capacity planning and work balancing for the different production units at GM. By using Standard Minute Values (SMVs) for each process used in assembling a product, the team is able to accurately estimate the cost and time for manufacturing a particular style, which helps to reduce uncertainties and downtime.

At the factory floor, the Industrial Engineering team tracks productivity for individual workers and line units, which enables GM to implement an innovative performance based incentive system for the production staff. The team also tracks all inputs and work-in-progress through the production lines, ensuring a steady process flow and improving efficiency of the production organization.

IT Infrastucture

GM seeks to continuously improve itself by implementing software solutions that help standardize processes, measure performance and improve efficiency. We have partnered with enterprise software leader Infor to implement a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on the M3 engine. Some of the functionalities and benefits of our customized IT infrastructure include:

  • Automated sales and distribution processes for costing, sampling, order generation and fulfillment.
  • FastReact – Integrated production planning and resource management based on real time supply chain and production statistics.
  • Complete financial and management accounting for cost control and profitability analysis.
  • Raw material management for tracking purchases, inventory levels and in-process consumption.
  • Shop floor automation with RFID/Barcode technology

Value Added Service (VAS)

GM provides several special programs to its clients that allow for reduced manufacturing lead times and better product development flexibility:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) – Ananta can help reduce the operational costs of its customers by managing production and inventory levels based on actual consumer demand. We are able to act on weekly sales updates from customers and ship replenishments directly to the customer retail or distribution centers.
  • Staged Development – GM offers to work closely with client development teams to respond to last minute design and trend changes. This is achieved by segmenting the product development process into several stages to reduce the overall lead time – for example, by selecting and booking the fabric first, and deciding on washing and other finishing details at a later time.
  • Quick Product to Market : GM is able to ship goods within 8 weeks of order confirmation using an accelerated sampling, sourcing and logistics processes. We have a dedicated team of designers and merchandisers to ensure quick turnaround of samples and close monitoring of sourcing requirements, and use faster shipping vessels to ensure that our products reach destination stores in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Final Inspection – GM currently offers final inspection services for some of its major buyers by relying on its strong quality assurance team. This allows our clients to reduce their overhead as required, without compromising high standards for the quality of the products.

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